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Cars n Coffee 6/6/21

Being nimble and delivering events that members love is what it is all about (well done Shane and Tony).  26 members attended this session which was arrange quickly to keep us entertained during covid lockdown.  It kicked off brilliantly with Don Ridley (our roving Tassie correspondent) providing us an impromptu live commentary of tonnes of terrific 'Hobartian' vehicles.  Great to see so many high quality cars and enthusiasts exist in Tassie,,,,,quite a regular occurence so watch out for further Don posts on Facebook.  Well, we all love a good prize and the committee put forth 3 x $50 Jay Leno's Garage vouchers for 'best on ground'.  These 3 vouchers were hotly contested but after surveying attendees for their choices it was decided the best deliveries of the morning went to (drum roll):  Don Ridley (for bringing Hobart to our home), Michael King and Justin Burns.  Congratulation to all who attended and presented.  There were many other notable and worthy contributors such as Gordon Lovegrove, Peter Tzimas, Jeff Cameron, Dave Toleman, David Jones, Terry Stramotas, Trevor Pooley, Greg Brown....the list goes on!!  ; >  

Peninsula Drive 23/5/21  -  Carrum to Flinders

Building on the previous Peninsula Drive earlier this year, this event gave 20+ members another opportunity to enjoy what can only be described as a perfect day for an NDSOC drive.

We kicked off early from Bunnings Carrum and as a slightly fragmented convey, we able to power through a challenging path of curvy twisty roads to serene Flinders.  Great coffee and chats continued long into the morning.

Sakura Picnic 2/5/21

1100 vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  An amazing turnout for all brands and approximately 25 NDSOC cars represented.  Perfect weather, outrageous quality cars and what seemed like millions of punters who showed alot of interest in our cars.  Cant wait for the ALL NISSAN DAY scheduled for 23rd July.

Drive Report 17/4/21 Technical Day at Emerald (hosted by Laurie and Tee Harris):

It was another brilliant event for the club attended by 17 vehicles and their occupants.  Laurie and Tee's hospitality was matched by Min's BBQ skills.  An amazing array of well polished and presented Prince, Datsun and Nissans were strategically parked into the perfect space for us all to view and talk about our cars.  Highlights of the day include special comments from Barbie the Dog, Laurie firing up his Prince 'engine on a stand', the first sighting of Scott Burch's stunning 'Biante' 240z (look out for the article in the upcoming May/June magazine), Ralph Brudenell's stunning Prince and the fact that the drive in and out, the weather and the location/hospitality was nothing short of perfect.  Looking forward to the various upcoming events......the bar has been set high!!!!  See you then.....

Drive Report 20/4/21:  Club Permit Inspection Day (hosted by Greg and Lois Bremner):

It was surreal to have so many great members and their vehicles attend this event......as if we were all waiting for the perfect day to stretch our car's legs and also perform our annual permit obligations.  The club put on the bbq but Greg insisted on donning the tongs in between showing us his stunning cars and the most amazing man cave possible.  Approximately 38 vehicles were reviewed and it once again was a great opportunity to meet new members, re-acquaint with existing members and share stories and generally help each other out.......the DNA of this fine club!!!   The event is well captured in the below March / April edition of Full Circuit.......look out for the upcoming May / June edition with 60+ pages!!!!

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